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33: Happy Valley Walk Up

Hong Kong

Renovation Project Happy Valley.

A very Traditional Style Walk-Up building in a charming neighbourhood.

The Property had experienced some serious water leaks from both roof-top and external walls manning due to age of building.

The client got in touch from overseas after purchasing and we started a 3 month long-distance relationship where we discussed design and ideas thru drawings/emails & 3D presentations. They wanted a unique look, and 3 months later when they first saw the apartment upon completion there were some emotions in seeing their dream come thru,

We focused on maximising light, space and create appropriate built ins were necessary. The apartment was fully gutted and bedrooms moved to the more quieter side of the apartment, living room, entertainment area, dining and a fairly large island was centralised into the apartment. The helper got another quiet corner with self-stained bath,study + storage.



Some Unique Custom-made French doors that has the antique feel to them to bring more character, style and capitalise on the brightness in the apartment.